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Meet the Elementary Staff

Welcome to the Elementary staff web page. Please take the time to get to know us. We are here to serve your student's educational needs.


  Mr. Larry Ivens e-mail

Assistant Principal

  Mr. Ryan Walker e-mail

Elementary Staff

 Name Area of Responsibility Contact E-mail
  Ms. Lena Zimmer Elementary Secretary e-mail
  Mrs. Pam May K-12 Guidance Counselor e-mail
  Mrs. Kristy Breen School Nurse e-mail
  Ms. Amy Baker Paraprofessional e-mail
  Ms. Carol Brewer Paraprofessional e-mail
  Ms. Lacey Brewer Paraprofessional e-mail
  Ms. Misti Herndon Paraprofessional e-mail
  Ms. Meghan Howell Paraprofessional e-mail
  Ms. Gracie Qualls Parent Center Coordinator e-mail
  Mrs. Jurlene Richmond Library Media Specialist e-mail
  Mrs. Olivia Hughes Dyslexia Coordinator e-mail

Elementary Teachers

 Department  Teacher Contact E-mail Teacher Website
 Art and Creativity   Mrs. Carol Montgomery e-mail  
 Gifted and Talented   Mrs. Taylor Guffey e-mail  
 Music   Mr. James Muchmore e-mail  
 Physical Education   Mrs. Lisa Shrable e-mail  
 Resource   Mrs. Sonya Hammond e-mail
 Middle Grade Resource   Mrs. Olivia Hughes e-mail
 Kindergarten   Mrs. Terri Knapp e-mail  
    Mrs. Beth Waltrip e-mail  
 First Grade   Ms. Emily McIntosh e-mail  
    Mrs. Kristin Grass e-mail
 Second Grade   Mrs. Misha Rains e-mail  
    Mrs. Denise Browning e-mail  
 Third Grade   Mrs. Mandy Adams e-mail
    Mrs. Karen Meeks e-mail  
 Fourth Grade   Mr. Mark Joliff e-mail  
    Mrs. Tammy Newton e-mail  
 Fifth Grade   Mrs. Bridgett McGough e-mail  
    Mrs. Vicki Cotter e-mail  
 Sixth Grade   Mrs. Carla Duncan e-mail  
    Mrs. Tina Joliff e-mail