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Welcome to the Business Education Course Catalog

Welcome to the Business Education Course Catalog page. We trust that you will find this page useful in your search for information about our school's Business Education program. On this page you will find the name of each course that is offered, and a description of that course. Please use the navigation menu to go back to the Academic Home page to check out the rest of Viola High School's other academic offerings.


KeyCode is a one-semester course designed to cover the state keyboarding and computer science coding block standards. Emphasis is placed on the following: understanding the importance of Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO), soft skill development, operation and management of classroom equipment, touch typing method, simple document formatting, and the computer science coding block. A minimum of 5 weeks shall be dedicated to students using keyboarding skills as they relate to formulating algorithms as well as create, analyze, test and debug computer programs in order to solve real-world problems. A text based programming language is required to accomplish these tasks.

Computerized Business Applications (CBA)

CBA is a two-semester course for students in grades 9-12 that is designed to provide students with an introduction to business applications that are necessary to live and work in a technological society. This course offers task oriented activities to learn about computer hardware and develop skills pertaining to various business software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, software integration, and telecommunications.

Prerequisite: Keyboarding

Business Procedures

This is a two-semester course that will provide students with concepts and skills in technology, communication, human relations, financial and record management, and employability skills that can be applied in the management and administration of an office. The purpose of the Business Procedures course is to prepare students with appropriate technology, communication, human relations, financial and record management, and employability skills for an entry-level position in the office administration field or for continued study in office or business administration at a post-secondary institution.

Prerequisites: CBA

Computerized Accounting I

Computerized Accounting I is a two-semester course with emphasis on basic accounting principles as they relate to both manual and computerized financial systems. Instruction is on an integrated basis, using computers and electronic calculators as the relationships and processes of manual and computerized accounting are presented. Entry-level skills in the accounting occupations can be attained

Prerequisite: CBA