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Welcome to the Physical Education Course Catalog

Welcome to the Physical Education Course Catalog page. We trust that you will find this page useful in your search for information about our school's Physical Education program. On this page you will find the name of each course that is offered, and a description of that course. Please use the navigation menu to go back to the Academic Home page to check out the rest of Viola High School's other academic offerings.

7th Grade Health

This one semester course is for students in the 7th grade and is a refresher and pre-requisite course. Many topics are covered in science classes and have been taught in elementary grades. 7th grade Health teaches new concepts such as “Building Self Esteem” and “Positive Self Image”. This course focuses on what each student can do to maintain or better their own health. Units on alcohol and drugs are considered very important because this age group may become exposed to peer pressure over the next few years. Topics covered are health and wellness, successful decisions and goals, building self esteem, physical fitness, nutrition and health, mental and emotional health, managing stress, conflict and violence, teens and tobacco, and alcohol and drugs. Students are exposed to texts, videos, group activities, library texts, and problem solving questions, and shall maintain a notebook.

Driver’s Education

A one semester course for students in grades 9-12 designed to help students obtain their first driver’s license. Study includes becoming a safe and ethical driver who understands the laws and responsibilities of operating a motor vehicle on our streets and highways.

Health and Safety

This one semester course is for students in grades 9-12. Topics covered include living a healthy life, building health skills, being a literate consumer, physical activity for life, nutrition, managing weight, mental health, managing stress, skills for healthy relationships, violence prevention, body systems, life cycle and alcohol and drug education. This course briefly revisits subject matter of 7th grade Health, and moves on to teach students skills for life during adulthood, and should help students become better adults by being more informed of current health issues. Materials include text, videos, notes, library texts and current topics. Students will maintain a notebook of material covered and extra work and will be turned in each nine weeks.

Physical Education

This full year course is for grades 7-12. Physical Education courses include a planned curriculum that provides content and learning experiences in basic motor and movement skills as they apply to physical activity, health related physical fitness, and lifetime sports and recreation.