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Welcome to the Parent Center Web Page

Ms. Grace Qualls, Coordinator

Welcome to the Parent Center web page. We trust that you will find our web page useful in your search for information about our parent center programs. Please feel free to browse all of our pages using the navigation menu for the latest information concerning our schools and students.

The Parent Center is staffed by volunteers, both parents and students, and is committed to working with administrators, teachers and others parents to ensure that parental participation is recognized as an asset. The Parent Center also coordinates the volunteers that are available to help teachers in both elementary and high school in the classroom. Volunteers are encouraged to help with tutoring when teachers need them. The Parent Center works to increase communication, and to provide and promote a welcoming atmosphere that fosters parental involvement.

Parent Center Goal

The goal of the Parent Center is to strengthen the partnership between school, home and the community to enable our children to reach their full potential.

Parent Center Mission

The mission of the Parent Center is to provide Viola School District patrons with information, resources and support as they guide their children and families toward success.

Parent Center Resources

The Parent Center provides a resource center for our district's parents. These resources include:

Information and materials to assist children in learning

Information on social skills, parenting skills, student learning skills, self control, and creating successful learners

Supplies for school projects

Learning games

Learning material for students

A lending library to check out books and materials on parenting and strengthening families

Learning videos

Parenting books, pamphlets and brochures